Nowadays man is tied to a desk working from the office or at home, unable to socialise and surrounded by stress. This and lack of exercise will surely have its effects on every hardworking person.  Don't let staying indoors hold you down.

The solution is to Treat Yourself, Rejuvenate Yourself and Pamper Yourself with a soothing, Relaxing Massage that heals all your senses. A deep-tissue, Knead Massage that attends to all aches, pains and areas to get your body back to its optimum performance. 


Experience the Health and pleasure that Massage brings.

What you need is a highly trained, attentive massage therapist that can ensure professional excellent service and experience. Every one deserves the best care and health.  Restore your body, mind and vigour with a professional massage only our Philippine therapists can give.

Experience the best massage in Manila. Book Arzen Rej Massage Today.


Whole Body Outcall Massage Benefits:

  • Remedy muscle tension

  • Improve blood circulation through muscle relaxation

  • Give needed attention to sore and stiff areas, muscles and joints

  • Massage has anti-stress benefits

  • Increase mobility and flexibility 

  • Nourishment of skin with essential oils

  • Massage reinvigorates the lymphatic system

  • Massage reduces anxiety

  • A relaxing massage helps reduce high-blood pressure

  • Rejuvenate with professional service and attention

  • Massage reduces insomnia with a calming experience helps induce better sleep.

Book NOW and EXPERIENCE a new way to release tension, fight stress and RELAX.

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